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Speak is an innovative text-to-speech app for iPhone, iPod, or iPad, designed to eloquently vocalize typed words and sentences.

Speak transforms your iPhone, iPod, or iPad into a dynamic text-to-speech device, bringing your typed words and sentences to life. Key features include:

  • Elegant Design: Modern interface that’s both sleek and user-friendly.
  • Adjustable Voice Settings: Control over voice volume, pitch, and rate.
  • Language Customization: Choose from various accents and languages for the voice.
  • Phrase Management: Save favorite phrases and access phrase history.
  • Repetition Function: Set the number of times a phrase is repeated.
  • Share Audio: Easily send audio recordings to friends and family.
  • Customizable Settings: Personalize Speak’s functionality to your liking.
  • Multitasking Support: Compatible with Slide Over and Split Screen on suitable devices.
  • Background Audio: Listen to text while the device is locked or in use.
  • VoiceOver Support: Enhanced accessibility for all users.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Pair with speakers or headphones for amplified sound.

Speak operates without an internet connection and is continually optimized for the latest devices and software. It’s particularly helpful for individuals who have lost the ability to speak, providing them with a voice once again. Users can support development through in-app purchases and are encouraged to spell words phonetically for improved pronunciation accuracy.

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Speak brings typed words and sentences to life using your iPhone, iPod or iPad!