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The extension is a powerful communication tool that integrates SMS sending and text-to-speech calling functionalities into your browser.

The extension for is a versatile tool for sending SMS and making text-to-speech calls directly from your browser. It connects to the SMS gateway, allowing users to conveniently send text messages and initiate calls using text-to-speech technology. This extension is particularly useful for parsing phone numbers from websites, enabling mass messaging and calling capabilities for efficient communication.

To utilize this extension, users must have an API key, which grants access to the messaging and calling features. Once set up, the extension offers a streamlined method for reaching out to multiple contacts, making it an ideal solution for businesses or individuals needing to communicate on a large scale. The integration of text-to-speech technology adds an innovative layer to traditional calling methods, enhancing the overall communication experience.

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Extension for sending SMS & making Text-To-Speech calls via