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CEO CEO: Kauê Reis de Assis Pereira

Headquarters HQ: Brazil

Meet Slang, your free tool for turning text into speech effortlessly.

Transform selected text into speech with Slang, a complimentary tool that vocalizes website content. It’s an invaluable asset for boosting productivity, enhancing study sessions, and essential for mastering a new language.

Slang displays the text in a pop-up that synchronizes with the speech, allowing you to read along from any page. This simultaneous listening and reading not only boosts understanding but also reinforces memory, enhances fluency skills like proper phrasing and expression, and improves sight word recognition.

If you’re looking to save time or reduce screen time, let Slang narrate web page content for you. Its user-friendly interface lets you select text, open the pop-up, and hit play or simply right-click on the text and choose ‘speak’. You’re also free to type or paste text into the pop-up for vocalization. Customize your listening experience by adjusting the volume, rate, pitch, and voice.

Slang supports 14 languages, including various accents, providing a total of 21 different voices to choose from.

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