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Discover a world without language barriers with our comprehensive multilingual text translator, featuring full-page translation, a built-in dictionary, and text-to-speech capabilities.

Enhance your online experience with a multilingual text translator offering comprehensive features like full-page translation, a built-in dictionary, and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities.

Multilanguage Translator:

  • Quickly translate text, phrases, or menu items into your preferred language.
  • Instantly see translations by highlighting desired text in the browser extension.

Key Benefits:

  • Free to use with no registration or subscriptions.
  • Supports over 120 languages.
  • Automatic language detection.
  • Text-to-voice for 60 languages.
  • Reverse translation feature.
  • Works on all websites, including Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • User-friendly and streamlined interface.
  • Offline dictionary for word translations.

Quick Translator:

  • High-quality human text-to-speech (TTS) translation.
  • Displays transcription and transliteration for accurate pronunciation.


  • Web Page Translation: Hover to translate entire web pages.
  • Dictionary: Access meanings, pronunciations, synonyms, and more.
  • Bookmarks: Save and track your translation history.
  • Text-to-Speech: Listen to the correct pronunciation with the right accent.
  • Image Translation: Translate selected screen areas like a screenshot tool.

New in the Latest Version:

  • Choose your preferred translator directly, including Google Translate, within the Quick Translator extension.

Text-to-Speech Function:

  • Learn how words sound and their phonetic transcriptions.

Full-Page Translations:

  • Seamlessly translate entire web pages with Google Translator’s free feature.

Choose between Quick Translator or Google Translate today and make your browsing multilingual. We value your feedback and ratings and hope our translator becomes an invaluable tool for your needs!

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Multilanguage text translator with full-page translation, built-in dictionary, and text-to-speech (TTS) functionality.