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Introducing SimIntpr, a cutting-edge virtual simultaneous interpreter for YouTube videos.

SimIntpr is a virtual Simultaneous Interpreter for YouTube, designed to enhance your video watching experience by translating and vocalizing subtitles.

Key Aspects of SimIntpr:

  • Translates YouTube video subtitles and speaks them out, acting like a virtual simultaneous interpreter.
  • Ideal for those who wish to watch videos in their own language; it translates YouTube subtitles/captions into numerous widely used languages.
  • Employs a state-of-the-art Text-To-Speech (TTS) Engine, supporting 67 voices across nearly 30 different languages.

How to Use:

  • Ensure the YouTube video has at least one official subtitle.
  • Select an official YouTube subtitle for translation, then choose your preferred voice language, tune, speed, and more.
  • We are developing features for uploading local subtitles or using links to external subtitles.

User Experience:

  • Once set up, SimIntpr vocalizes in your chosen language and voice, without interfering with the original YouTube audio. Both can be played simultaneously with separate volume controls.
  • Saves your settings locally, so your preferences are applied automatically to new YouTube videos.

Current and Upcoming Features:

  • Translates and vocalizes YouTube subtitles.
  • Offers multiple speech voice settings.
  • Future updates include support for uploading local YouTube subtitles and embedding YouTube videos on the web.

Supported Languages:

  • Covers almost all widely used languages. (Specific languages are not listed due to Chrome Web Store policies.)

Usage Tips:

  • Pin the extension for easy access, and left-click the icon to set up your language, voice, and other preferences.

PRO $1.88 /month (billed yearly)

  • Use SimIntpr's translation with NO LIMIT.
  • Show translated subtitles with NO LIMIT
  • Show both original & translated subtitles.
  • Download subtitles.
  • Support embeded YouTube video on any page.
  • Remember adjusted subtitle position. (soon)
  • Support change subtitle styles. (soonn)
  • Priority support.

FREE $0 / month

  • Use YouTube's auto translation.
  • Use SimIntpr's translation. (10 min / day)
  • Show translated subtitles. (10 min / day)
  • Basic support

Try SimIntpr Text to Speech

Translate YouTube video subtitles and speak out. Just like a YouTube virtual simultaneous interpreter.