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CEO CEO: Takuya Ono

Experience the convenience of converting selected text into speech effortlessly with our browser extension.

Transform selected text into speech with ease using this innovative browser extension, which leverages the power of HTML5 Speech API technology. This tool allows you to convert any selected text into spoken words simply by using the right-click context menu in your browser.

Enhanced Customization Features:

  • Language Selection: Tailor your experience by choosing from a variety of languages available in the settings.
  • Pitch Adjustment: Modify the pitch of the speech to suit your listening preferences.
  • Speech Rate Control: Adjust the speed at which the text is read aloud, ensuring comprehension and comfort.

To explore and customize these features, simply access the option screen within the extension. This tool is designed to make online reading more accessible and convenient, providing a straightforward solution for converting text to speech directly within your browser.

Try Select Speech Text to Speech

Text to speech by selecting text and right-click context menu on the browser. It use HTML5 Speech API technology.