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Year Founded in 2021

CEO CEO: Andrey, Alex, and Bahram

Headquarters HQ: Cyprus

Enhance your web browsing experience with the official Save to Peech Chrome Extension.

Save to Peech Chrome Extension

Save to Peech is the official Chrome Extension for Peech, a leading text-to-speech solution available on iOS. This powerful extension is designed to enhance your browsing experience by allowing you to save web pages directly to your Peech library. With Save to Peech, you can effortlessly convert web content into an accessible audio format for later consumption in the Peech application.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Integration: Save web pages with ease and convenience, making them accessible within the Peech app for reading or listening.
  • Accessibility Enhancement: Transform online articles, documents, and more into audio content, ensuring accessibility for everyone, including visually impaired individuals.
  • Personalized Library: Build a customized library of web content within Peech, making it easier than ever to access your favorite articles and documents.
  • iOS Compatibility: Enjoy the benefits of Peech’s text-to-speech capabilities on your iOS device, expanding your options for consuming digital content.
  • Streamlined Experience: Save time and effort by quickly converting web pages into audio format, making multitasking and information absorption more efficient.

Experience the convenience of accessing web content through audio with Save to Peech Chrome Extension. Enhance your reading experience and make digital content more accessible with Peech.

Note: To fully utilize this extension, ensure you have the Peech application installed on your iOS device.

Try Save to Peech Text to Speech

Peech is leading text to speech solution available on iOS.

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