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Enhance your Reddit browsing with the Text-to-Speech extension for

The Text-to-Speech extension for enhances your Reddit experience by reading aloud discussions from any Reddit thread. It’s particularly enjoyable for live sports threads, bringing the excitement of the game to life through audio narration.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Navigate to the desired Reddit thread (e.g., a sports match thread).
  2. Modify the URL by changing ‘’ to ‘’.
  3. Click the extension icon in the toolbar and hit play to start listening.

Customization Options:

  • Set a limit for the number of posts to be read in each update.
  • Choose from various voice synthesizers, available in multiple languages like English, Italian, French, etc.

Try rs-speech Text to Speech

This extension will use Text-to-Speech to read out what is being discussed on a reddit thread. Especially fun when used on live sport threads.