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Introducing Reedr, the cutting-edge text-to-speech extension designed for the ultimate multitasking experience.

The most innovative text-to-speech extension around.

This extension offers exceptional text-to-speech capabilities, including options for skipping sentences, adjusting volume and speed, with even more features on the horizon! Multitask effortlessly. Swamped and can’t read lengthy articles? Allow Reedr to vocalize articles, messages, and more while you navigate other tabs!

Usage instructions:

  • Navigate to a webpage with text you can select.
  • Activate the extension to reveal the toolbar (positioned at the bottom right of your screen).
  • Highlight the text you wish to hear.
  • Hit play and enjoy!

Try Reedr Text to Speech

A text-to-speech extension featuring incredible features such as sentence skipping, volume controls, speed controls, and more to come!