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Enhance your online reading experience with this user-friendly Text-to-Speech App Extension.

Text-to-Speech App Extension

This extension is a versatile text-to-speech application that uses Google voices for online reading, and the default system voice in offline mode.

Key Features:

  • Custom Pronunciation: Adjust pronunciations or abbreviations to suit your preferences.
  • Instant Playback: Starts reading immediately upon pressing play, regardless of the webpage’s size.
  • Selective Reading: Choose specific words to start reading from, with features like ‘Spacebar to Play’ or ‘Drag to Read’.
  • Easy Toggle: Swiftly turn the extension on or off without needing to refresh the page (except post-updates).
  • Reading Progress Tracker: View estimated reading time and progress percentage directly in the title bar.

Try ReadX Text to Speech

Reads text using Google voices, or default system voice when offline.