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Headquarters HQ: Houston, TX

Welcome to the world of Readvox, an innovative text-to-speech reader that transforms your web browsing experience with its natural, human-like voices.

Experience the web like never before with Readvox, a text-to-speech reader featuring natural, human-like voices.

I’m excited for you to explore Readvox, an extension that brings your online text to life with the most realistic and engaging voices available. This tool is designed to make your online experience more accessible, engaging, and efficient.

Perfect for anyone who multitasks, has visual impairments, or prefers auditory learning, Readvox is here to enhance your web browsing.

How to Use:

  1. Start by selecting the text you want to hear. Click and drag your cursor from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the desired text.
  2. Once you release the mouse button, a small blue circle with a play icon will appear near your selection. Click this icon to begin the dictation.
  3. Remember, transforming text into speech is as simple as selecting text and clicking a button!

Immerse yourself in the convenience and simplicity of Readvox, where the power of text-to-speech is just a selection and a click away.

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Text to speech reader for the web with Natural voices.