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Headquarters HQ: Boston, MA

Welcome to Readsy, your innovative tool for enhancing online reading experiences! Readsy revolutionizes the way you interact with text on webpages by using advanced parsing techniques to highlight key parts of speech.

Readsy is designed to make reading text online easier by accentuating key parts of speech. This tool analyzes the text on webpages, identifying the part-of-speech for each text element. It then applies background highlighting or font color shading to words based on their classification, such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives. This helps users quickly skim through content, as important parts-of-speech are emphasized while less critical ones like prepositions and conjunctions are downplayed.

Users have the flexibility to select which parts-of-speech are highlighted, adjust the highlight colors, and even save their custom color schemes.

Readsy is not automatically active. It is accessible via a floating button in the top left corner of the browser window. When clicked, this button activates the part-of-speech parsing process. The tool sends the page’s text to an API, which returns a data object containing each word’s classification. Readsy then processes this data, integrating each text item in the page’s HTML with the corresponding classification for enhanced readability.

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A tool to help users read text more easily by highlighting key parts of speech.

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