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ReadBit revolutionizes the way you consume text by offering a text-to-speech audiobook reader and summarizer, designed to save you hundreds of hours.

ReadBit is an innovative text-to-speech audiobook reader and summarizer designed to significantly reduce your reading time. It offers a range of features to enhance your reading and listening experience:

  • Efficient Reading Companion: Speed up your listening rate, saving up to 80% of your reading time.
  • Versatile Conversion: Turn physical documents, PDFs, web links, and images into audiobooks with natural voices.
  • Time-Saving Summaries: Access key insights with text summarization, cutting down on reading time.
  • Selective Listening: Focus on content relevant to you by listening to parts containing specific keywords, characters, and places.
  • Customized Experience: Tailor your reading and listening with adjustable fonts, background colors, voice options, and listening speed.
  • Comfortable Reading Settings: Choose from various backgrounds and fonts, perfect for reading in different environments.
  • Read Anywhere, Anytime: ReadBit’s adaptability allows you to continue reading seamlessly wherever you are.

ReadBit is the perfect tool for those looking to save time without compromising on the quality or depth of their reading material.

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A text-to-speech audiobook reader and summarizer that saves you hundreds of hours of reading.