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CEO CEO: Grigory Hatsevich

Introducing our Web-based Text-to-Speech Reader, a handy browser extension that brings the power of Google Chrome's text-to-speech engine to your online reading experience.

Web-based Text-to-Speech Reader

This browser extension utilizes Google Chrome’s text-to-speech engine to audibly read websites to you. It’s capable of automatically identifying the language of the sentence being read, currently supporting English and Russian. Additionally, it offers convenient keyboard shortcut controls.

Usage Instructions: For a quick start, simply select a section of the webpage you wish to have read aloud and press Alt+R (or click on the extension’s icon). A widget for the extension will then appear and begin the reading process. Hover your mouse over the widget to view all available options and keyboard shortcuts.

Try Read aloud Text to Speech

This extension helps you read aloud websites by using Google Chrome text-to-speech engine.