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CEO CEO: Daniel Flores

Headquarters HQ: Austin, TX

Welcome to Praxy AI Study Tool, your new AI-powered study companion, here to revolutionize your academic life!

Experience a new era of studying with Praxy AI Study Tool, your ultimate AI study companion! Praxy is engineered to transform your academic journey, leveraging AI to boost your study sessions, streamline your tasks, and enhance your college experience.

Key Features:

  • Smart Web Highlighting: Instantly highlight any online content and choose actions such as search, summarize, paraphrase, illustrate with examples, or quiz creation.
  • Tutor Chat: Receive tailored academic assistance with Praxy’s Tutor Chat, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. From homework support to exam preparation and skill enhancement, Praxy is here to assist.
  • Prompt Library: Dive into an extensive collection of pre-set prompts within the Tutor Chat, crafted for a variety of subjects and study needs.
  • AI Notes: Elevate your study routine with Praxy’s AI Notes. Highlight and save content from the web, organize notes, summarize information, write essays, and even generate quizzes.
  • Collaborative Features: Connect with peers through usernames, share chat logs, prompts, and Praxy-generated content, turning study sessions into a shared, interactive experience.

With Praxy, you’re not just studying; you’re embarking on a smarter, more connected, and AI-enhanced academic journey.

Premium Plan $9.99/month or $99.99/year

  • AI Quick Explain
  • AI Quiz Creator
  • AI Tutor Chat
  • Prompt Library
  • Collaborative Features
  • Create and save your own prompts

Free Plan $0

  • AI Quick Search
  • AI Quick Summarize
  • AI Quick Paraphrase (with some limitations)
  • Daily prompt/command limits

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