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Pixie is here to transform your digital reading experience, making it easier, healthier, and more enjoyable than ever before.

Elevate Your Online Reading Experience with Pixie: A Comprehensive Web Browser Extension

Pixie transforms your digital reading experience, making it easier, healthier, and more enjoyable. This browser extension is designed to cater to a wide range of needs, enhancing both accessibility and productivity.

Key Features of Pixie:

  • Text-to-Speech (TTS): Convert webpages into spoken words with control over speed and a dynamic text highlighter.
  • Text Modification: Customize webpage text for better readability, including the use of dyslexia-friendly fonts like OpenDyslexic.
  • Color Scheme Adaptation: Adjust contrast and saturation to lessen eye strain and improve text visibility.
  • Screen Shader: Reduce screen brightness and adjust tint color for eye comfort.
  • Reading Ruler: Maintain focus on the text with a customizable reading line highlighter.
  • Distraction-Free Reader View: Read articles and blogs without ads and distractions.
  • In-Browser Dictionary: Access definitions of selected English words instantly.
  • ePub Reader: Read ePub files directly in your browser.
  • Quick Access Sidebar Widget: Easily access Pixie tools like Reader View, Dictionary, and Mute.
  • Link Highlighting: Enhance hyperlink visibility on webpages.
  • Image Hiding Option: Focus solely on text by hiding all images on a page.
  • Tab-Wide Mute Function: Silence all background sounds from open tabs.
  • Additional Tools: Includes a larger cursor, animation stopper, and a distraction-free reading environment.

Pixie Reader is ideal for anyone who prioritizes flexibility and control in their online reading. It offers solutions for improved readability, reduced eye strain, and enhanced focus. Give Pixie Reader a try and step into a world of customized digital reading.

Try Pixie Text to Speech

Boost your Online Reading Journey with Text to Speech (TTS), Screen Shader, Reading Ruler, OpenDyslexic Font, ePub Reader, and more!

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