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CEO CEO: Alexandru Calin

Headquarters HQ: Romania

Introducing Pericles, the innovative speech synthesis tool that transforms your digital content into audio.

Redesigned speech synthesis. Experience your emails, documents, and websites audibly.

Pericles is an ideal tool for those who are visually impaired, experiencing eye strain, or simply seeking a more efficient way to multitask. It revolutionizes the way you engage with content, from current news to detailed academic papers. Enjoy a wide range of voices on Mac, with several options available for Windows users. And the best part? It’s completely free! Now, you can enjoy your meals or keep up with your daily tasks while Pericles reads your digital content aloud.

Ways to Enhance Your Reading Experience:

  • Instant Play: Simply click on the Pericles icon and press play. The tool will automatically start reading from the top and adapt as you scroll.
  • Custom Start: If you want to start from a specific point, right-click and select “read from here.” Pericles will seamlessly shift to your selected spot, even during an ongoing narration.
  • Selective Reading: For focused listening, highlight the text you’re interested in, right-click, and choose “read selection.” Pericles will narrate only the selected text and stop thereafter.

Start your auditory adventure with Pericles today and turn your reading material into a listening experience!

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Speech synthesis redesigned. Listen to emails, documents & websites.

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