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CEO CEO: Jewel

Discover PayCall TTS, an innovative Chrome extension that transforms web pages into audible experiences.

Introducing PayCall TTS, a Chrome extension that revolutionizes how you interact with web content by adding the ability to audibly hear web pages. PayCall TTS harnesses the power of advanced text-to-speech (TTS) engine technology to bring the written word to life. With this tool, when a user clicks on any text with a rounded border, PayCall TTS swiftly sends the text to its TTS engine. The engine then responds by converting the selected text into audible speech, allowing you to hear the text as it’s read aloud.

This extension is perfect for users who prefer auditory learning, those who wish to multitask while consuming web content, or individuals with visual impairments. It’s an invaluable aid for better understanding and processing information, making web browsing more accessible and efficient. PayCall TTS stands out with its simple yet innovative approach: just click on the text with a rounded border, and the extension takes care of the rest, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Try PayCall TSS Text to Speech

PayCall TTS enable the user to hear the text he reads by clicking on the rounded border text.

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