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Introducing the "Paper to Audio" tool, a groundbreaking Chrome extension that is set to revolutionize your academic reading experience.

This innovative tool is designed to transform the way you interact with academic texts, making it an invaluable asset for students, researchers, and academics alike. By providing the functionality to convert text from academic papers into spoken words, it opens up a new dimension of accessibility and convenience in the realm of scholarly work.

The tool is incredibly versatile, allowing users to select specific sections of a paper, such as the Abstract, Introduction, and others, for conversion into audio. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer auditory learning or for visually impaired individuals who require auditory assistance. It also caters to situations where reading might be impractical, like during commutes or while multitasking.

Beyond its primary functionality, this tool enhances the overall experience of engaging with academic content. It can aid in better comprehension of complex material, provide a break from intensive screen time, and even support language learning by allowing users to hear the correct pronunciation of technical terms.

Try Paper To Audio Text to Speech

Allows one to turn the text in academic papers to speech. Can be done by selecting a section (Abstract, Introduction etc.) or highlighting text.