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CEO CEO: Martin McKay

Oribi Speak is an advanced talking keyboard application that enhances reading and writing processes with high-quality speech synthesis from Acapela and Microsoft.

Oribi Speak offers a range of features to enhance the reading and writing experience:

  • High-Quality Speech Synthesis: Utilizes Acapela and Microsoft technologies for clear speech output.
  • Word Prediction: Assists with spelling and accelerates writing.
  • OCR Capability: Reads out text from images using Optical Character Recognition.

Oribi Speak is designed to support early reading and writing development by:

  • Reading Support: Reads selected text aloud in Google Docs, Word Online, or web pages, and images with text.
  • Customizable Speech: Allows adjustment of speech rate and choice of voice from over 90 options in 31 languages.
  • Writing Support: Offers letter echo for each keystroke and word/sentence echo post-writing.

Try it with a 30-day free trial, no credit card information required upfront.

Try Oribi Speak Free The best way to get to know Oribi Speak is to try it, and that's why we offer a 30-day trial period with all features enabled.


Try Oribi Speak Text to Speech

It can read out selected text, sound out individual letters and speak words and sentences as you write, supporting early reading and writing development.