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CEO CEO: Graxi Xiao

Dive into an immersive reading journey with OmniReader, the cutting-edge text-to-speech Chrome extension.

Discover the dynamic capabilities of lifelike AI voices that make reading webpages, EPUBs, and PDFs a breeze.

Meet OmniReader, your advanced text-to-speech Chrome extension designed to animate your web content with naturally sounding voices. Immerse yourself in an enhanced auditory journey as you explore web pages, PDFs, and EPUBs in a whole new way.

Essential Features:

  • Effortless Web Content Selection: Hit play, and OmniReader immediately picks and vocalizes the web content, simplifying how you listen to articles and documents.
  • Tailored Listening: Customize your auditory experience with OmniReader. Choose to read a specific text segment, a particular web element, or initiate quick audio playback with a right-click.
  • Personal PDFs and EPUBs Reading: Upload and listen to your PDFs and EPUBs. Transform your favorite written materials into engaging audio content.
  • Customizable Settings: Adjust your listening experience to your preference. Set up quick shortcuts and modify reading settings to skip sections you don’t want to hear.
  • Multilingual Reading: Toggle between languages effortlessly as OmniReader automatically translates and reads paragraphs in multiple languages, offering a bilingual listening experience.
  • Interactive Voice Commands: Engage with OmniReader’s AI companions, Claude, Bard, and Poe, for an interactive and entertaining browsing experience.

OmniReader is dedicated to evolving rapidly with user input, ensuring a continually improving tool that enhances your reading experience.

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Experience the power of realistic AI voices that can effortlessly read aloud webpages, EPUBs, PDFs.