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CEO CEO: Mark Benjamin

Headquarters HQ: Massachusetts

Welcome to Nuance's advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, a revolutionary tool that brings a human-like, engaging voice to your brand.

Nuance: Revolutionizing Voice Experiences with Advanced Text-to-Speech Technology

Elevate Your Brand’s Voice Nuance’s cutting-edge Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, powered by neural network algorithms, offers a human-like, engaging, and tailored voice experience for your brand. This technology enhances customer self-service applications with high-quality, brand-specific audio.

Experience Nuance Text-to-Speech Discover how Vocalizer can embody your brand’s voice. Select a voice and enter text to hear our technology in action. Note for Safari users: enable Audio Autoplay in your browser preferences for audio playback.

Solutions for Enterprise Impressed with Nuance Text-to-Speech? Discover how Nuance Vocalizer can represent your brand’s voice. Contact us for detailed information.

Options for Individual Users If you liked our Text-to-Speech demo, explore our Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions to boost documentation productivity by leveraging speech.

Nuance Vocalizer: A Voice of Innovation Vocalizer offers lifelike voices, custom-tailored to your dialogues and use cases. It employs advanced TTS technology based on recurrent neural networks, resulting in a voice that closely mimics human speech. Key advantages include:

  • Enhancing caller experiences.
  • Reducing costs through more efficient call automation.
  • Offering flexibility and control in application updates.
  • Creating a unique custom voice experience for your brand.

Effortless Integration Nuance TTS not only establishes a unique voice for your brand but also ensures consistent caller experiences across various channels. It supports 53 languages and 119 voice options, enabling your brand to speak naturally without the need for voice talent.

Two Decades of Excellence Nuance’s expertise in Text-to-Speech, refined over 20 years, focuses on natural and expressive speech synthesis. Our technology excels in pronouncing complex words, often outperforming human capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Extensive range of human-like voices.
  • Enhanced expressivity.
  • Broad multilingual support.
  • AI-driven text processing.
  • Custom voice persona creation.
  • Access to our unique voice, Zoe, for a natural-sounding automated voice.

Nuance TTS: A Pillar of Our Solutions Our TTS technology is integral to various solutions, including:

  • Conversational IVR: Making interactions sound natural for an enhanced self-service experience.
  • Nuance Vocalizer: An enterprise-level TTS solution, enabling human-like customer interactions and reducing operational costs in contact centers.
  • Vocalizer for Embedded Solutions: Tailored for automotive, mobile, and electronic applications, providing natural speech in various technologies.
  • Vocalizer Studio: A suite of user-friendly tools for optimizing speech output applications, including user text rules, dictionaries, and prompts.

Explore Nuance’s rich history of TTS expertise, supporting your global business with a multitude of voices and languages. Discover how our technology can transform your customer interactions and communication strategies.

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