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Introducing Neurond Speech, a cutting-edge Vietnamese Text-to-Speech extension from Neurond Technology JSC.

Neurond Speech: Vietnamese Text-to-Speech Extension by Neurond Technology JSC


  • Neurond Speech is an innovative text-to-speech extension designed for Vietnamese language content.
  • It enables users to convert text from websites, eBooks, and documents into spoken words.
  • By simply selecting text and clicking to speak, it facilitates effortless text-to-speech conversion.
  • This tool is especially beneficial for young children, individuals with visual impairments, speech difficulties, or anyone learning Vietnamese and struggling with pronunciation.

How to Use

  • Select the text you wish to hear read aloud.
  • Click on the Neurond Speech extension icon.
  • Opt for “Import text” followed by the “Speak” option to initiate speech playback.

Try Neurond Reader Text to Speech

An awesome text2speech extension for Vietnamese.