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Year Founded in 2020

CEO CEO: Chenghang Zheng

Neural Reader is a dynamic tool that converts text into human-like speech and offers live transcription capabilities.

Transform text into speech with a human-like voice using Neural Reader. This versatile tool allows you to import various formats, including Pdf, ePub, Txt, Word files, plain text, web articles, and even photographs of paperbacks.

Neural Reader stands out as an exceptionally natural text-to-speech audio reader and a highly accurate speech-to-text live transcribe tool. It is powered by a state-of-the-art artificial neural network optimized for natural language processing.

Key uses of Neural Reader:

  • For Readers: Enjoy having news articles, books, and documents read to you while engaging in activities like working out or commuting.
  • For Writers: Perfect for proofreading your work or creating audiobooks and podcasts.
  • For Video Creators: Ideal for generating humanlike narration for videos.

Neural Reader also functions as a live transcription tool, capturing conversations, meetings, or video audio, and allowing you to share transcripts directly from your device.

Neural Reader Platinum 1 Year $249.99


Neural Reader Gold 1 Year $129.99


Neural Reader Pro 1 Year $116.99


Neural Reader Silver 1 Year $79.99


Neural Reader Platinum 1 Month $37.99


Neural Reader Gold 1 Month $19.99


Neural Reader Pro 1 Month $14.99


Neural Reader Silver 1 Month $11.99


Try Neural Reader Text to Speech

Convert text to speech in humanlike voice! You can directly import Pdf/ePub/Txt/Word files, plain text, web article links, or just use photos of your favorite paperbacks!