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Introducing a game-changing extension for streaming enthusiasts! Watch foreign content on Netflix, YouTube, Viki, and more, without being tied down to subtitles.

Subtitle Voiceover for Online Videos on Platforms Like Netflix, YouTube, Viki, and More

Enjoy your favorite international shows without missing a beat with this extension, designed for avid viewers of foreign-language content on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Viki. An active Netflix subscription is required to utilize this feature.

Ever found yourself glued to subtitles while watching captivating foreign TV series, like those Korean dramas on Netflix, and missing out on the visual experience? This is no longer an issue. Our Netflix Subtitles Reader uses a text-to-speech engine to vocalize subtitles, allowing you to multitask effectively. Watch a foreign TV show on one screen and work on another, without losing track of the plot or fixating on the subtitles.

WHAT IT DOES: This extension audibly reads subtitles on Netflix, Viki, YouTube, and Hotstar using text-to-speech technology. It even translates YouTube videos into your preferred language.

HOW TO USE: For Netflix:

  1. Play any foreign-language content.
  2. Activate subtitles in English or your chosen language.
  3. Click the extension icon, select the language used in subtitles, and hit ‘Start’.

For YouTube Translation:

  1. Play the video on YouTube.
  2. Choose “Auto Translate” in subtitles and select your language.
  3. Click the extension icon, match the language, and click ‘Start’.

To stop the audio subtitles, click on the extension’s icon and select ‘Stop’.

Try Netflix Subtitles Reader Text to Speech

Reads Subtitles Out Loud from Various Video Websites including Netflix, Youtube, Viki, etc.