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Year Founded in 2015

CEO CEO: Heberth, Victor and Rafael

Headquarters HQ: Brazil

Introducing the Narrator’s Voice App, a versatile tool designed to transform your text into engaging narrations using a wide range of languages and voices.

Narrator’s Voice App: Craft and circulate entertaining messages with a narrator’s voice tailored to your preference.

  • Diverse Languages & Voices: Access a vast selection of languages and reliable, appealing voices.
  • Simple Process: Record or type your message, then pick the language, voice, and any special effects.
  • Customized Narration: Transform your text into a personalized narration to share as you wish.

Ideal for Various Projects:

  • Videos: Enhance your YouTube and TikTok videos with unique narration, adding a special touch to the visual experience.
  • Images & More: Perfect for still images, slideshows, e-learning projects, and any content that benefits from engaging commentary.

Key Features:

  • Convert & Share: Turn text into audio (MP3) or video (MP4) and share on social networks.
  • Flexible Input: Create or open text files, read aloud, or export/share as audio/video files.
  • Diverse Voices: Choose from over 500 real voices with effects in many languages.
  • Expressive & Natural: Enjoy expressive and natural-sounding voices to enhance your messages.
  • User-Friendly: Your phone will articulate what you type, making it easier to create messages.
  • Fun with Friends: Make humorous messages with your friend’s TIMELINE.
  • Top Text-to-Voice: Recognized as one of the best text-to-voice and text-to-speech (TTS) apps.
  • Unique Voices: Includes pinksheep, MLG – Daniel UK, CORTANA voice, and more.
  • Offline Capability: Works offline once the audio is saved, offering convenience and flexibility.
  • Recommended by YouTubers: A popular choice among content creators for its quality and ease of use.
  • Subscription Plans Available: Various options to suit different user needs and preferences.

Premium user $4.99


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Narrator’s Voice app lets you create and share amusing messages using a narrator’s voice of your choice.

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