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Year Founded in 2018

CEO CEO: Gojko Adzic

Headquarters HQ: United Kingdom

Welcome to Narakeet's Filipino Text-to-Speech Service! Discover an effortless way to convert text into fluent Filipino speech, along with over 90 other language options.

Filipino Text-to-Speech Conversion Effortlessly transform text into Filipino speech, and also access over 90 other languages. Experience our online Filipino text-to-speech service for free, without any need for registration.


Our Tagalog text-to-speech tools enable seamless creation of Tagalog voiceovers, educational materials, and videos, even from Powerpoint presentations. Tagalog, also known as Filipino, is the Philippines’ official language and ranks as the fourth most spoken non-English language in the United States, including being one of three recognized languages in San Francisco, California.

Narakeet offers six male and female Filipino text-to-speech voices. For a brief demonstration, play the accompanying video with sound.

Interested in Filipino-accented English text-to-speech? Explore our Filipino English language text-to-speech voices too.

Tagalog Text-to-Speech Voices Narakeet simplifies the process of producing videos and audio files with realistic text-derived audio. Start with our free Filipino text-to-speech service. Choose from our selection of Filipino male and female text-to-speech voices, then input your text to generate the audio.

In addition to these, Narakeet provides 700 text-to-speech voices across 90 languages.

For additional features like Word document uploads, control over voice speed and volume, and compatibility with Powerpoint files or Markdown scripts, explore our range of Tools.

Tagalog Voice Synthesis Our Filipino text-to-speech voices leverage neural network technology to interpret the context of larger text segments for accurate word pronunciation, ensuring a natural sound. They are ideal for creating:

  • Tagalog narrations for language lessons
  • Tagalog voiceovers for instructional videos
  • Filipino video content
  • Tagalog voiceovers for marketing materials
  • Filipino text-to-speech audiobooks
  • TTS Filipino social media content
  • Filipino voice narrations for articles
  • Text-to-speech Tagalog dialogues
  • Text-to-speech narrations in Filipino
  • Filipino text-to-speech MP3 files
  • Filipino TTS for social media stories

10000 minutes @ $0.05 per minute $500


2500 minutes @ $0.08 per minute $200


1000 minutes @ $0.10 per minute $100


300 minutes @ $0.15 per minute $45


30 minutes @ $0.20 per minute $6


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