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Year Founded in 2020

CEO CEO: Ankur Edkie

Headquarters HQ: Salt Lake City, Utah

Discover the power of Murf's Text to Speech platform, a game-changer in creating realistic and professional voiceovers. With a wide array of natural-sounding AI voices in over 20 languages, Murf revolutionizes the way you produce and edit voiceovers.

Realistic AI Voiceovers with Murf:

  • 100% Natural AI Voices: Murf provides a selection of authentic sounding AI voices in 20 languages, ideal for professional voiceovers in your videos and presentations. Start your free trial now.

Quality Without Compromise:

  • Human-Like Voices: Our voices are quality checked and sound human, eliminating the days of robotic text to speech. With our advanced AI, most can’t distinguish between Murf’s voices and actual human recordings.

Diverse Language Options:

  • Voices in 20 Languages: Access a variety of voices in 20 languages with Murf, including multiple accents in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Simplified Text to Voice Conversion:

  • Instant, Quality Voiceovers: Avoid complex processes and costly equipment. Create studio-quality voiceovers instantly and cost-effectively with Murf.

Voices for Every Creator:

  • A Match for Every Need: Whether for creative, corporate, or entertainment projects, Murf offers a voice to suit every purpose.

Beyond Basic Text to Speech:

  • Customisable Voiceovers: Perfect your voiceovers with features like Pitch, Pause, and Pronunciation to get the sound just right.

Features to Enhance Your Voiceover:

  • Add Emphasis: Use Murf’s ‘Emphasis’ feature to stress particular parts of your voiceover, adding life and interest.
  • Control Narration with Pitch: Draw attention to key phrases with Murf’s ‘Pitch’ function, expressing emotions and customising the voice to your liking.
  • Pause for Effect: Use the ‘Pause’ feature to add varied lengths of silence, giving your audience time to absorb and reflect.

Security and Reliability:

  • Your Data, Our Promise: Murf is committed to meeting your security needs and ensuring the protection and privacy of your data.

Why Choose Murf Text to Speech?

  • Transform Voiceover Creation: Change how you create and edit voiceovers with Murf’s lifelike AI voices. Save time and money while maintaining quality.
  • Editing Made Easy: Edit voiceovers as simply as text with Murf’s user-friendly interface.
  • Consistent Brand Voice: Create a custom AI voice clone to maintain consistency across all customer touchpoints.
  • Global Reach: Connect with a worldwide audience with our multiple language options, spanning ages, genders, and tonalities.
  • Scalable Voice Applications: Use Murf’s API to integrate voice generation into your products and workflows, offering a wide range of English voices.
  • Wide Language Support: Covering over 20 languages and accents, Murf ensures your voiceover resonates with any audience.

Free $0 per user/month $0 billed monthly

  • No downloads
  • Try all 120+ voices
  • 10 mins of voice generation
  • 10 mins of transcription
  • Share link for audio/video output
  • Up to 3 Users
  • No credit card required

Basic $29 per user/month $29 billed monthly

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • 60 voices (Basic only)
  • 10 languages (Basic Voices only)
  • 2 hours of Voice generation per user/month
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Commercial usage rights
  • 8000+ licensed soundtracks
  • Chat & Email Support

Pro $39 per user/month $39 billed monthly

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • 120+ voices (Basic + Pro)
  • 20 languages + accents
  • 4 hours of voice generation per user/month
  • 2 hours of transcription per user/month
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • AI Voice Changer
  • Commercial Usage Rights
  • 8000+ licensed soundtracks
  • High Priority Support

Enterprise $75 per user/month $4500 billed annually only

  • Everything in Pro
  • 5+ Users
  • Unlimited Voice generation, Transcription & Storage
  • Training & Onboarding support
  • Multi-level Access Control
  • Advanced Collaboration
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Security Assessment
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • PO & Invoicing
  • Service Agreement
  • AI Translation (Paid add-on)


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