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Unlock the potential of Microsoft Azure's Text-to-Speech Audio Content Creation with just one click.

With a single click, obtain synthesized audio from Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech Audio Content Creation.

Microsoft Azure’s Audio Content Creation is a text-to-speech tool that transforms text into realistic speech.

This service allows for the optimization of voice outputs, enabling precise adjustments and fine-tuning of various speech attributes.

Audio Content Creation provides a visual interface to real-time control speech attributes including voice style, speed, pitch, volume, pronunciation, and pauses. This facilitates the rapid creation of more accurate, expressive, and tailored audio.

The official Microsoft Azure website presents a lite version of the Audio Content Creation app, allowing you to experiment with text-to-speech. Here, you can adjust settings and listen to the synthesized lifelike audio.

Note that while you can play the synthesized speech on the site, downloading is not an option.

This extension introduces a complimentary download button to the page, enabling easy audio download.

Try Microsoft Audio-Content-Creation TTS Exporter Text to Speech

Download Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech Audio-Content-Creation synthesized audio with 1 click.