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Year Founded in 2022

CEO CEO: Hunter & Lawrence

Headquarters HQ: China

Discover the versatility and fun of MetaVoicer: Text to Speech (TTS), the ultimate app for converting text into natural-sounding speech or hilarious prank calls.

Easily Convert Text to Speech. Voiceover, Scanner, Reader, Humorous Text, Prank Call

Searching for a Text to Speech (TTS) or Voice Reader App?

Interested in an Online Text to Speech or Voice Reader App for downloads?

Looking to trick your friends with a prank call?

You’ve found the perfect solution! MetaVoicer: Text to Speech (TTS) is an exceptionally straightforward app that transforms text into spoken words efficiently.

Say goodbye to robotic sounds! Envision a selection of 900 professional voice actors at your disposal whenever you need to convert text to speech online. Our unique synthesis engine delivers voices that are impressively natural-sounding.

Moreover, MetaVoicer: Text to Speech (TTS) is an excellent tool for humorous pranks on your friends! We provide a multitude of humorous audio clips for prank calls or messages. Simply pick your desired voice and clip, then prank dial or dispatch the humorous message via social media. It’s even adaptable for games like PUBG or Call of Duty. You can also craft your prank text and record it with one of our virtual voice actors. Your friends will be none the wiser!

Introducing Text2Speech: The simple yet sophisticated Text to Speech (TTS), Voice App, and Prank call

MetaVoicer is a streamlined and innovative ‘text to voice’ or ‘text to speech’ application. Enter any text in any language, and this app promptly converts all the text into a high-quality audio file spoken by a virtual actor.

Key Features of MetaVoicer: Text to Speech Online, Voice Aloud Reader App, Prank call

Some of the standout features of the MetaVoicer: Text to Speech (TTS) App include:

Stand Out with Your Content

Unlike other apps using generic technology, MetaVoicer stands out due to its revolutionary software developed by a team of disruptors and innovators. This means your content will sound more fluent, expressive, and natural.

Complete Control with MetaVoicer

Whether you prefer a higher or slower voice, MetaVoicer is the premier Text to Speech Online and Voice Aloud Reader App, allowing detailed adjustments to your audio’s speed and tone.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

MetaVoicer: Text to Speech Reader is also a Text to Sound Converter App that outputs audio files in the universally accepted MP3 format.

Global Reach with MetaVoicer: Online Text to Speech, Voice Reader App, Prank call

Be heard worldwide! MetaVoicer: Voice Aloud Reader App supports up to 70 languages, from Swedish to Swahili, Tamil to Turkish, providing local accents and dialects for more authentic and natural voices.

Save Time and Money with MetaVoicer: Online Text to Speech, Voice Reader App, Prank call

MetaVoicer: Text to Voice App (Text2Speech) can narrate anything in a pleasant tone, from emails and textbooks to blogs, reports, or the latest news.

Get Creative with Background Music

Set the mood by tailoring the background music to your needs. The Voice Aloud Reader App offers a broad selection of music available for FREE!

Prank Dial

With MetaVoicer: Text to Speech (TTS), change up your voice to surprise your friends! Select a voice and send it. They’ll be astonished by your new language skills, country of origin, or even gender!

Who Can Use MetaVoicer: Text to Speech Reader, Text to Sound Converter?

MetaVoicer: Text to Speech Online App is for anyone who wants their voice to be heard, including:

• Influencers

• App developers

• Vendors

• Entrepreneurs

• Educators

• Animators

• Writers

• Virtual world enthusiasts

• People with communication difficulties

Wherever your communication needs lie, Metavoicer: Voice Aloud Reader App has the perfect voice actor for you!

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