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Year Founded in 2019

CEO CEO: Tom Lee

Headquarters HQ: California

Discover the transformative power of LOVO AI, the advanced AI Voice Generator and Text to Speech tool. With over a million users, LOVO is celebrated for its ability to produce hyper-realistic voiceovers in over 100 languages, making it the ideal choice for a variety of content creation needs.

Ideal AI voice generator for content creation Enhance your content production with quality audio. The challenge is creating high-quality voiceovers efficiently. So, how do you increase high-quality content output?

Introducing LOVO, the pinnacle of AI voice generators and text-to-speech tools. With LOVO, save immensely in both time and money while generating lifelike, high-quality voiceovers. Our state-of-the-art technology produces ultra-realistic voices nearly indistinguishable from actual human voices.

Our user-friendly professional interface makes voiceover production a breeze, even for novices. LOVO is perfect for businesses, creators, educators, or anyone aiming to craft standout content. Our technology is designed to streamline your content creation, allowing you to concentrate on conveying your message. With LOVO AI, access a vast selection of voices, languages, and accents to perfectly align with your brand or project. Experience the power of realistic AI Voices with LOVO today.

AI Voice Generator: Authentic Text to Speech & Voice Duplication Engage your listeners with a hyper-realistic AI voice generator Over 1,000,000 users praise LOVO AI. This award-winning AI Voice Generator and text-to-speech tool boasts over 500 voices in 100 languages, ideal for creating captivating videos with voice for marketing, education, gaming, and more!

Unleash the potential of advanced AI Voice Generator and Text to Speech for superior quality results.

Meet Genny At its heart, an AI voice generator. Genny offers a rich array of features, providing an unmatched voiceover production experience with lifelike AI Voices and an online video editor.

Genny – Your go-to generative AI tool From scripts and images to voiceovers and translations, Genny equips you with everything needed to produce an engaging video with integrated AI capabilities.

Economize on voiceovers Utilize the world’s most sophisticated AI voice generator with a context-aware, emotion-rich text-to-speech engine. Genny understands nuances, delivering voiceovers that resonate with feeling.

Palette and brushes. Endless Royalty-free Images Bid farewell to lengthy image searches. Instantly generate HD royalty-free images for your videos!

Notepad and blue pen. Accelerate scriptwriting Overcome writer’s block with Genny’s AI writer, quickly generating professional content to kickstart your script.

The world’s most authentic AI Voices Captivate your audience with impeccable AI voices in over 100 languages tailored for your content.

Instantaneous Voice Cloning Every brand is unique, and its voice should be too.

With just a 10-second audio snippet, Genny precisely and instantly clones your voice, adding a distinctive touch to your content.

AI Voice Generator for diverse needs Explore the vast array of content LOVO can instantly create with customized AI Voices.

Developer-friendly API Our straightforward API lets you integrate the world’s most advanced AI voices into your apps or services in just a few lines of code.

Pro+ $75 per user / month Billed US$900 annually

  • Everything in Pro
  • 20 Hr of Voice Generation / mo
  • 400GB Storage
  • Collaborate with Team Members
  • Priority Support

Pro $24 per user / month Billed US$288 annually

  • Everything in Basic
  • Unlimited Voice Cloning
  • 5 Hr of Voice Generation / mo
  • AI-Powered Creation: Script & Images
  • Auto Subtitle Generator
  • Stock Images & Videos
  • Collaborate with Team Members
  • 100GB Storage
  • Priority Queue

Basic $24 per user / month Billed US$288 annually

  • 500+ AI Voices in 100+ languages
  • 5 Voice Clones
  • 2 Hr of Voice Generation / mo
  • Auto Subtitle Generator
  • Full HD 1080p Export
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Commercial Rights

Free $0

  • First 14 Days of Free Trial of Pro
  • Unlimited Sharing

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