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CEO CEO: Miko Borys

Voice-Enabled Web Browsing: Effortlessly control your online experience with voice commands using our innovative tool.

Enhance Your Web Experience with Voice Control: Type, Click, Scroll, and More Using Just Your Voice.

Navigate the internet effortlessly using your voice – perfect while eating, multitasking, or just to rest your hands. This speech recognition tool transforms your voice commands into actions traditionally done with a mouse and keyboard. It’s an exceptional assistive technology.

Voice control features include:

  • Gmail Integration: Select and mark messages, compose and dictate emails. Example: Gmail Voice Control Demo
  • Video Sites (like YouTube): Play, pause, fast-forward, and more.
  • Language Learning Sites (Duolingo, WaniKani): Voice-controlled answering. Example: Duolingo Voice Control Demo
  • Reddit: Voice commands for upvoting, visiting posts, commenting, etc.

Key Features:

  • Efficient speech recognition
  • Speech-to-text capability with live transcription
  • Wake-word activation for hands-free use (Premium)
  • Customizable voice shortcuts
  • Text-to-speech functionality
  • Google Sheets integration (Premium)
  • Basic PDF command support

General Voice Commands:

  • Writing and editing text (Premium)
  • Scrolling, zooming, and tab navigation
  • Link annotation for voice clicking
  • Email writing and form dictation (Premium)
  • Opening websites/URLs (Premium)
  • Weather and dictionary queries
  • Video control commands
  • Customizable corrections, shortcuts, and synonyms
  • Push-to-talk voice activation
  • Multi-language support: English, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese, and select languages for Duolingo

For optimal use, complete the tutorial to configure settings. Say “help” anytime to view available commands for your current page. Enjoy a more accessible and efficient browsing experience!

PREMIUM $ 6 /month

  • All features in PLUS
  • Dictate text
  • Go to custom URLs
  • Wake-word

PLUS $ 3 /month

  • WaniKani reviews
  • Duolingo
  • Email and phone support


  • Over 100 commands
  • Community plugins

Try LipSurf Text to Speech

Use voice to type, click anything, scroll, watch videos, open webpages, make custom voice shortcuts and more.