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Unlock the joy of learning languages with Language Reactor, the dynamic extension formerly known as 'Language Learning with Netflix'.

Enhance Language Skills Through Entertainment with Language Reactor

Language Reactor, previously known as ‘Language Learning with Netflix’, is an innovative toolbox designed to boost your language learning experience. It allows you to leverage films, series, and native materials to improve your language skills in a more effective, engaging, and enjoyable way.

For Netflix enthusiasts, the extension offers dual subtitles, a pop-up dictionary, and enhanced playback controls to aid learning while watching your favorite shows.

On YouTube, explore thousands of channels across various topics, immersing yourself in authentic language used in real-life contexts.

For book lovers and web surfers, Language Reactor can import text, provide machine translations in your language, and read it back using ultra-realistic text-to-speech technology.

This versatile extension is compatible with Google Chrome on desktop and laptop computers running Windows or MacOS, providing a comprehensive language learning experience across different media formats.

Try Language Reactor Text to Speech

Improve your skills on your own, effectively and enjoyably, by watching films and series in the language you study.