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Unlock the potential of Khan Academy with KA Polyglott, a dynamic tool designed to break language barriers and enhance your learning experience.

KA Polyglott: Bridging Language Gaps on Khan Academy

Khan Academy is renowned for its extensive educational content, spanning various subjects. What sets it apart is its commitment to inclusivity by offering content in multiple languages, with ongoing translations into even more. From this initiative emerges KA Polyglott, a powerful tool designed to assist foreign language speakers in mastering mathematics and other subjects while learning a new language. This innovative Web browser extension for khanacademy.org simplifies the process by providing translations of text and video content into the user’s native language.

The current prototype of KA Polyglott serves as a technology demonstration, showcasing its capabilities on specific tutorials. For instance, on the tutorial [insert link], users can experience the following functions:

  1. Instant Translation: Users can effortlessly view titles and video descriptions in various languages with a simple mouse click. Additionally, a built-in text-to-speech engine enables audible playback of translated content.
  2. Language Flexibility: Flags displayed on the right side of the interface allow learners who may not comprehend the content in German to switch to their native language or any other language they are comfortable with. This feature ensures accessibility and effective learning for a diverse audience.

Try KA Polyglott Text to Speech

KA Polyglott helps foreign language speakers to learn on Khan Academy by giving access to translations in other languages.

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