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Introducing a dynamic web extension designed to assist dyslexic students with Filipino short stories, this tool is a breakthrough in Filipino language learning.

Enhancing Filipino Language Learning with a Dyslexia-Friendly Reading Assistant

This web extension is innovatively designed to aid dyslexic students in understanding and engaging with Filipino short stories, thereby facilitating better Filipino language acquisition. It integrates specialized tools tailored for dyslexic readers, including text-to-speech for auditory learning, customizable fonts for easier reading, and word highlighting to maintain focus.

Beyond these features, the extension harnesses the power of machine learning. It employs Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Part of Speech (POS) tagging to intelligently pinpoint and clarify key words and phrases in the stories. This approach not only aids comprehension but also enriches the learning experience by providing deeper insights into the language structure and vocabulary of Filipino short stories.

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An Interactive Reading Assistant Tool for Filipino Short Stories.