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Introducing an intuitive and user-friendly text-to-speech feature that brings your screen's text to life.

This feature provides text-to-speech functionality for the currently highlighted text on your screen within the current tab. It effectively converts any selected text into spoken words, enabling an auditory reading experience.

To activate this feature, simply highlight the text you wish to hear read aloud. Once highlighted, you have two easy options to initiate the text-to-speech process:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut [Alt+Shift+S], or
  • Click on the extension’s icon in your browser.

This tool is designed to enhance your reading experience by offering an alternative way to consume text, especially useful for those who prefer auditory learning or need assistance due to visual impairments. Whether you’re browsing articles, studying, or just reading online, this feature adds a layer of convenience and accessibility to your web navigation.

Try iRead4u Text to Speech

Reads the currently highlighted text on the screen; converts highlighted text to speech.