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Simplify your text-to-speech experience with the ImTranslator Text-to-Speech extension.

Experience effortless downloading with the ImTranslator Text-to-Speech extension. If you frequently use ImTranslator’s Text-to-Speech service and find yourself generating multiple audio files for long texts, this extension is designed to streamline your workflow. With just one click, you can now download up to 6 audio files generated for any given text. Say goodbye to the hassle of individually saving each file and embrace a more efficient way to access your text-to-speech audio files. Whether you’re a student, professional, or language learner, this tool enhances your productivity and simplifies your digital experience. Download the ImTranslator Text-to-Speech extension today and transform your text into speech more effortlessly than ever.

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ImTranslator Text-to-Speech can generate up to 6 audio files for long text, this extension help you to download all these files by one-click.