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Year Founded in 2022

Human Voice stands out as a highly realistic Text To Speech voiceover app, ideal for creating voiceovers for videos in a few simple steps.

Human Voice is a top-tier Text To Speech voiceover app known for its highly realistic sound. It simplifies the process of creating voiceovers for videos, enabling you to do so in just three easy steps without needing to record anything:

  • Step 1: Insert or type in the text.
  • Step 2: Select your preferred voice.
  • Step 3: Export the audio and save it.

Key Features of Human Voice:

  • Extensive Language Range: Supports over 38 languages.
  • Variety of Voices: Offers more than 200 voice options.
  • Gender Options: Both male and female voices are available.
  • Voice Language Customization: Allows changing the voice language as needed.
  • No Character Limit: No restrictions on the length of the text.
  • Free Access: All voices are available at no cost.

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Human Voice is the most realistic sounding Text To Speech voiceover app.