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Maximize productivity and stay goal-oriented with our innovative browser extension, designed for time management and self-improvement.

Stay Focused and Achieve Your Goals with This Internet Time Management Tool. No Sign-Up Required and Fully Private. Includes Text-to-Speech Feature.

Are you looking to maximize your productivity and minimize time wasted online? Seeking reminders of your life goals while browsing? Need to adhere to regular breaks during computer work, incorporate fitness activities during your internet sessions, utilize the Pomodoro Technique, or simply want to enhance self-improvement and combat procrastination?

This extension is your solution. It proactively reminds you of your key life goals, prompts for physical activity or brief walks to rejuvenate your mind, and can be customized for countdown lengths or temporarily disabled as per your needs. Plus, you can easily manage your goals with import and export options.

Featuring a discreet minute timer in the browser’s top right corner, it alerts you when the time is up with a randomly chosen life goal.

As an open-source tool, its transparency assures no malicious activities. Visit the development site for source code access and an issue tracker.

Try Goal Reminder Text to Speech

Reminds you of your goals in life while wasting your time in the internet. No registration. Full privacy. Speech (TTS).