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CEO CEO: Markus Botha

Discover "Free Speech," the ultimate Text-to-Speech Chrome extension that redefines your reading experience.

Introducing the “Free Speech” Extension – a revolutionary Text-to-Speech processor designed to transform your reading experience. Perfect for anyone looking to speed up their content consumption, this extension empowers you to listen to any selected text at your desired pace. With the ability to accelerate narration up to an astonishing 1000% faster than standard reading speeds, it caters to those who want information quickly and efficiently. This tool is ideal for fast learners, busy professionals, or anyone who wants to optimize their time without sacrificing content quality. Best of all, it’s a one-time acquisition with no recurring monthly costs, ensuring that you can use it endlessly to enhance your browsing and reading experience. Discover the speed and convenience of “Free Speech” today and revolutionize the way you interact with text online.

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Extension to speak selected text.