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Year Founded in 2021

CEO CEO: Atul Yadav & Sabir Ahmed

Headquarters HQ: Delaware, United States

Introducing Fliki, the AI-powered video creation tool that simplifies and accelerates the process of transforming your ideas into stunning visual content

AI-Powered Video Creation: 10x Simpler & Faster Elevate your ideas into exceptional videos with AI voices through our text-to-video tool.

Enjoy a blend of Savings, Speed, and Quality!

  • Intuitive Editor: Crafting videos with Fliki is as straightforward as composing an email.
  • Rapid Production: Generate videos with lifelike AI voiceovers in minutes.
  • Cost-Effective: Produce high-quality content on a large scale at a minimal cost.

Experience Hassle-Free Content Creation Bid farewell to complex video tools and craft stunning visuals in just four easy steps:

  1. Initiate with Text: Begin with text, ideas, presentations, blogs, or tweets.
  2. Customize AI Voice: Select and personalize your AI voice.
  3. Choose Media: Opt for specific media or let AI select for you.
  4. Instant Preview: Review and refine your video instantly.

Accelerate Video Production with Magic Create

  • Idea to Video: Convert your concepts into impressive AI-voiced videos.
  • Blog to Video: Turn blog articles into captivating visual content.
  • PPT to Video: Convert presentations into striking videos swiftly.
  • Tweet to Video: Elevate Tweets into engaging visual stories.
  • Avatar Video: Craft stunning avatar videos with a single click.
  • Product to Video: Make your Amazon & Airbnb listings more dynamic.

Craft Compelling Videos for Diverse Purposes Whether for content creation, business presentations, marketing, education, or e-commerce, Fliki streamlines the process for all.

Efficient Workflow for Impactful Results

  • Extensive Stock Media: Access millions of assets to enrich your videos.
  • 2000+ Realistic AI Voices: Choose from a vast array of languages, avoiding the cost of traditional voiceovers.
  • Versatile Content Creation: Suitable for everything from social media and podcasts to corporate and educational videos.

Create, localize, and translate video content effortlessly with Fliki, transforming your ideas into engaging narratives.

Premium $66 per month

  • 600 minutes of credits per month
  • Access 2000+ voices including 1000+ ultra-realistic
  • Videos of length upto 30 minutes
  • Voice cloning
  • AI Avatar
  • API access
  • Priority support

Standard $21 per month

  • 180 minutes of credits per month
  • Access 1000+ voices including 150 ultra-realistic (5 in each supported language)
  • Full HD - 1080p videos
  • Videos of length upto 15 minutes
  • Millions of premium images, video clips, stickers and music assets
  • Translate content to 75+ languages
  • No watermark
  • Commercial rights

Free $0 Upgrade as you scale

  • 5 minutes of credits per month
  • 300 (limited) voices, 75+ languages & 100+ dialects
  • Magically create videos with ideas, blog articles, PPTs and Tweets
  • Thousands of images, video clips, stickers and music assets
  • Generate AI Images
  • HD - 720p low-res videos
  • Contains Fliki Watermark

Try Fliki Text to Speech

Video creation made 10x simpler & faster with AI

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