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CEO CEO: Gergan Nikolov

Headquarters HQ: Bulgaria

The Exo Speech Extension, a Chrome extension from ExMoment Ltd., revolutionizes your chat experience on chat.openai.com by reading out the last message of a chat.

The Exo Speech Extension, developed by ExMoment Ltd., is a Chrome extension designed to enhance your experience on chat.openai.com. This AI-powered tool reads out the last message of a chat, simulating a personal AI assistant for a more interactive session. Key features include automatic text-to-speech, customizable voice settings, and an interactive UI with play/pause and dashboard buttons for easy control. The extension focuses on improving your online interaction, making it more enjoyable and efficient. It’s a step forward in making technology more interactive and engaging, exemplifying ExMoment Ltd.’s commitment to innovative AI solutions.

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A Chrome extension that reads out loud the last message of a chat.