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CEO CEO: Brian Girko

The ePub Reader extension is a versatile tool for browser users, enabling easy access and reading of ePub and OPF files directly in a tab.

The ePub Reader extension for browsers allows you to open and read *.epub and *.opf files directly in a tab, without needing separate software. It features a “Reader View” interface with options for light, dark, and sepia color schemes. Users can adjust the font size and family for a personalized reading experience. The extension also includes a full-screen viewing option and displays the Table of Contents for easy navigation to different chapters. Additionally, it saves your current page and book URL in the address bar, enabling you to reopen the book at the same place later.

This extension also enhances the reading experience by allowing users to easily convert ePubs into PDF format, catering to those who prefer this more universal file type. Furthermore, it incorporates a text-to-speech feature, providing an auditory reading option which is particularly useful for users with visual impairments or those who prefer listening to content. This combination of versatility in format conversion and the addition of auditory reading options makes the ePub Reader extension a comprehensive tool for accessing and enjoying digital books in various formats and styles.

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Read ePubs in a reader view style window, convert into PDF or use text to speech.