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CEO CEO: John Lloyd

Dysly is your free, all-in-one tool to boost reading confidence and comprehension on any website.

Enhance your reading skills and comprehension across any website with Dysly. This tool is thoughtfully designed for individuals of all ages, whether children or adults, who face challenges with learning disabilities or reading fluency, such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia. Dysly is versatile, suitable for use in educational settings, workplaces, or at home.

What’s more, Dysly is completely free, with no hidden costs or premium add-ons.


  • Text-to-Speech: Select and listen to sections of the page read aloud, aiding in understanding and pronunciation.
  • Reader Window: Offers a tailored reading environment to help maintain focus and control.
  • Subtle Nudges Profile: Adjusts spacing and sizing to enhance focus and line tracking, making reading more manageable.
  • Low Contrast Profile: Reduces eye strain and assists those with contrast sensitivity, making text more comfortable to read.
  • Font Focus Profile: Transforms page text into the Open Dyslexic font, aiding readers with dyslexia.

Dysly is your go-to solution for a more accessible and comfortable reading experience, catering specifically to diverse learning and reading needs.

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Gain confidence and improve reading comprehension on any website.

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