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Year Founded in 2021

CEO CEO: Foureyed Jimmy

Headquarters HQ: United States

This extension is a valuable tool for individuals with dyslexia, featuring the Open Dyslexic font to improve readability on web pages.

The extension offers a comprehensive toolkit to aid individuals with dyslexia in their online reading. It features the Open Dyslexic font, which is specially designed to alleviate reading difficulties associated with dyslexia. Additionally, it includes various font manipulation tools to further ease the online reading experience. The extension’s reading feature is particularly helpful for those who struggle with tracking text. Users can select text, use the “Read Selected” option from the right-click menu, and have it read aloud in a chosen voice. This functionality enhances comprehension and makes web navigation more accessible.

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Provides a suite of tools to help people overcome reading struggles caused by dyslexia.