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Dyslens is an innovative, open-source Chrome extension designed to enhance web accessibility for individuals with dyslexia and diverse reading needs.

Dyslens is an open-source Chrome extension specifically developed to improve web accessibility for individuals with dyslexia and varying reading requirements. It offers a suite of tools designed to facilitate a more comfortable and efficient online reading experience.

Key Features:

  • Text-to-Speech: Converts text into spoken words, aiding users with reading difficulties.
  • Customizable Text: Allows users to adjust the font and color of the text to their preference, enhancing readability.
  • Line Focus: Implements a focus feature on lines of text to boost concentration and reduce visual stress.
  • Overlay Tint: Adds a screen overlay to soften the visual impact of the screen, making it gentler on the eyes and easier to read.

With these features, Dyslens aims to create a more inclusive and accessible online environment for those with dyslexia and other reading challenges.

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Dyslens is making the web more accessible for people who have different reading needs and suffering with dyslexia.