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Year Founded in 2015

Introducing Dragon Anywhere: the ultimate mobile dictation solution designed to bring professional-grade document creation, formatting, and sharing right to your fingertips.

Streamlined Mobile Dictation Dragon Anywhere offers professional-grade mobile dictation, enabling the effortless creation, formatting, and sharing of documents from any mobile device, whether you’re at a client visit, job site, or your favorite coffee shop.

Efficient and Limitless Dictation Enjoy continuous dictation with no word limits and up to 99% accuracy. The powerful voice editing, formatting, and Correction Menu make spelling corrections simple. The Train Words feature customizes Dragon to your speaking style, while shared custom words and auto-text ensure consistency across all devices. Share your work effortlessly via email, Dropbox, and more.

Comprehensive Features Dragon Anywhere, available for both Android and iOS in the US and Canada, enhances on-the-go productivity with fast, accurate dictation and robust voice formatting and editing options. Dictate documents of any length, customize with industry-specific terminology, and effortlessly share via popular cloud services.

Simple Setup and Document Management Setting up is easy: purchase a subscription, download the app, and log in to start dictating. Manage your documents efficiently by emailing, sharing to the cloud, or opening in Word and Evernote. Sync with your PC for seamless productivity, and enjoy the power of having your notes and customizations synchronized across all devices.

Optimized for the Mobile Professional Ideal for field workers, lawyers, and other professionals, Dragon Anywhere integrates into your mobile workflow, allowing for real-time documentation by voice on iOS and Android devices. Improve documentation and reporting for your mobile workforce, keeping up with demands even when away from the desk.

12 months $150 Save 17%. Billed once a year. Best value.


1 month $15 Billed every month


1 week free trial Free Cancel anytime. $15/month subscription begins at the end of trial.


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Mobile dictation made easy Dragon Anywhere professional‑grade mobile dictation makes it easy to create documents of any length and edit, format, and share them directly from your mobile device when visiting clients, a job site, or your local coffee shop.