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Introducing VoiceOut, the versatile text-to-speech extension designed to make web pages more accessible and interactive.

VoiceOut: Web Page Text-to-Speech Extension

VoiceOut, a free extension with premium options, brings spoken audio to web page text. It’s designed to enhance your online reading experience with various features:

  • Text-to-Speech: Select any text on a webpage, use your mouse to hover over text, links, and captions, or click ‘Play’ to have sentences read aloud with highlighting for easy tracking.
  • Google Docs Compatibility: Have your Google Docs documents read back to you, aiding in proofreading and error correction.
  • Accessible PDFs: Speak PDFs opened in Chrome with highlighting by clicking ‘Play’.
  • Interactive Typing Feedback: Hear what you type in real-time, with options for letter names or sounds.
  • Reading Assistance: Apply a colored overlay to web pages to reduce strain from traditional black-on-white text.
  • Customizable Speech Speed: Adjust the voice speed for better comprehension or quicker reading.
  • Enhanced Writing Aid: Activate word prediction with subject-specific and extensive base dictionaries for improved writing.

Premium Features (Subscription-based):

  • Scan from Screen: Read aloud inaccessible images like those in Google Books.
  • Spelling and Homophone Check: Available in Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 Word Online, and other text areas.
  • Speech Recognition: Dictate text into documents and web page text areas.
  • Highlighting in Microsoft Office 365 Word: Enhanced reading experience with highlighted text.
  • Expanded Voice Options: Access more online text-to-speech voices.

Developed by the creators of ClaroRead for Mac and Windows, as well as the ClaroSpeak and ClaroPDF apps, VoiceOut is your comprehensive tool for improved online reading and writing.

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