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Charlotte is a pioneering browser extension designed to make the internet more accessible for all.

Charlotte is dedicated to making the web a more accessible place for everyone, offering a range of tools within a single browser extension. Simply create an account, sign in, and start experiencing a more accessible web.


  • Choose from 6 text-to-speech voices, with options to adjust pitch and speed.
  • Utilize the Highlight Elements feature to spotlight text by hovering over it.
  • Navigate and highlight text easily with keyboard shortcuts (Alt+Left, Alt+Right).
  • Read highlighted text aloud with Read on Highlight, integrated with Highlight Elements and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Adjust font size up to 200% for better readability.
  • Get image captions on mouse-over, using our advanced machine learning algorithm.
  • Increase cursor size for enhanced visibility.
  • Activate High Contrast mode for a more comfortable browsing experience.
  • Choose from various fonts, including reader-friendly sans-serif and OpenDyslexic.
  • Focus better with the Focus Ruler feature.

Charlotte is your one-stop solution for a barrier-free browsing experience, combining technology and usability to cater to diverse accessibility needs.

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Making the web more accessible for everyone. Provides screen reading, image captioning, high contrast, cursor changes and more!