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Year Founded in 2005

CEO CEO: Matthew Aylett and Nick Wright

Headquarters HQ: United Kingdom

CereProc, creators of Sophia's voice and singing capabilities, offers a range of innovative text-to-speech services.

Innovate Projects, known for creating Sophia’s voice and singing ability, presents CereProc’s text-to-speech (TTS) voices:

  • For Businesses: Engage customers using CereProc’s natural-sounding TTS voices.
  • For Developers: Integrate text-to-speech functionality with CereProc’s development tools.
  • For Individuals: Personalize devices with a variety of accents and languages.
  • Voice Cloning: An efficient online voice cloning tool for home recordings.
  • Advanced TTS Technology: CereProc has developed highly advanced and realistic TTS technology.

Based in Edinburgh, CereProc is a leader in speech synthesis research, offering a range of characterful voices.

Try CereProc Text to Speech

CereProc create expressive voices with real character.

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